Forum disputes and staying matrimonial proceedings

This article by Philip Perrins and Beth Hibbert follows on from one by Eleri Jones and Andrew Venables in the July issue of Family Law in relation to what they term the 'jurisdiction jigsaw' that is the domestic regime that applies in respect of jurisdiction following the end of the transition period.

There appears to have been an increase in jurisdiction/forum disputes between England and Wales and EU member states, particularly with countries that have, from an English law perspective, 'hard' marital property regimes, but as yet, there are no reported cases concerning an EU member state. In forum disputes involving EU member states, the English court will now apply domestic law and EU member states their own national law.

The full article is available in the August issue of the Lexis Nexis Family Law Journal (p. 969).

The paper accompanies a webinar on the same topic which is available via the links below. 


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