Family mediation offers people the opportunity to resolve and reach agreement on issues that may arise between them in any and all matters that cause conflict within families.

Mediation is a voluntary process which can help with:

  • Decisions that have to be made during the subsistence of a marriage or cohabitation
  • Decisions that need to be made and issues that arise following separation or divorce, both in relation to children and money
  • Effective co-parenting
  • Other disputes where family members may be in conflict or unable to agree on the best course of action, such as in relation to nursing care for an elderly relative

Family conflict can include a wide range of disputes between parents, whether during a relationship or upon its breakdown; and even disputes with extended family members. There may be dispute about the education choices for children or general upbringing of and arrangements of children following the breakdown of a parental relationship.

When a relationship breaks down, sorting out and separating the parties’ mutually linked finances may be straightforward or more complex – sometimes involving detailed consideration of the running of family businesses or trusts. The expectation in financial mediation is that the duty of full and frank disclosure will be at the heart of the voluntary discussions.

Whatever the family law related issue might be and whoever may be involved in the dispute, mediation can help. Mediation offers clients the chance to arrive at their own considered agreement on terms that they both consider appropriate in a co-operative, impartial and safe setting, in which confidentiality remains key.

In mediation, a particular benefit is that the parties can set the agenda, with the assistance of the trained expert mediator. They set the pace and control the outcome but, at all points, they are ably assisted and guided by our experienced, impartial and legally qualified mediators, all of whom are experts in their field. Our mediator barristers can and will ensure that the best chance of an acceptable resolution is provided to all parties in the dispute, who are always kept on an equal footing throughout the process.

Mediation can include just the parties in a room jointly (or separately if the circumstances require) or involve the parties together with the assistance of their individual legal representatives, if they have these. At all stages, the 1GC Family Law barrister mediator will ensure that every party is properly heard and will encourage them to consider all options for resolution.

All 1GC barristers who mediate are listed below: 

Clients may appoint a 1GC Family Law mediator directly or be referred via their individual legal representative.


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