Caroline Willbourne

Year of Call: 1970

Areas of Expertise:

Practice Overview

Caroline specialises in financial remedy work this includes Schedule 1 Children Act claims, Inheritance Act disputes and cases for financial provision for unmarried parties.

Caroline’s work now mainly consists of mediation/ENE. A significant part of her work is Private FDRs which require the swift absorption of facts and the ability to indicate concisely to the parties what the likely outcome will be. About 90% of her PFDRs are resolved by agreement on or shortly after the day of the hearing.

  • ENE / Private FDR

    Having qualified as a mediator in 1993, Caroline is a seasoned and experienced practitioner both in the UK and abroad: mediating their disputes allows each party to focus on what is important to them and to craft their own agreement, which Caroline can facilitate.

    She prides herself on her ability to encourage parties to see the benefits reaching agreement in this way.

    An important part of mediation is Early Neutral Evaluation (ENE), where Caroline draws on her judicial experience to advise parties of the likely outcome of their case. She also accepts instructions to conduct private FDRs, in the interest of both parties reaching settlement early in the process. This is a cost-effective process, emotionally less damaging for both parties.