What does our Mini-Pupillage involve?

We offer mini-pupillages throughout the year to allow those planning a career at the Bar to experience life in a busy Family Law set. 

We will endeavour to ensure that as a mini-pupil you see all aspects of practice in Chambers. You will normally have the opportunity to accompany members to court and attend conferences with clients. Mini-pupillages will ordinarily be offered for one week periods. 

Mini-pupillages will be based from our building in central London. In the initial period of resuming our mini-pupillage programme, we may also, on a case-by-case basis, be able to offer for you to attend remotely during your mini-pupillage – if you wish for us to consider this, the reason for you wishing to attend remotely during your mini-pupillage should be set out in the covering email with your application. 

Mini-pupils must be at least 18 years of age. Given the sensitive nature of the work, mini-pupils will be required to sign a confidentiality agreement prior to the commencement of their mini-pupillage. 

Application Process

In order to apply for a mini-pupillage please download the application form HERE. All applications, should be sent to minipupillage@1gc.com. Please do not send CVs, covering letters or transcripts of examination results as they will not be considered. Our optional Diversity and Equality Monitoring form can also be found HERE, should you wish to complete that and submit it along with your application to allow us to gain a full understanding of those who are applying for our mini-pupillages.


Currently we are accepting applications for mini-pupillages during the period October - December 2024. For those wishing to apply for a mini-pupillage to take place during that period, applications should be sent between 1st April - 30th June.

Mini-pupillage applications will be considered on 4 occasions each year, the 2024/2025 dates will be as follows:

  • Applications recieved between 1st April – 30th June, will be considered for mini-pupillages taking place between October – December 2024.
  • Applications received between 1st July – 30th September, will be considered for mini-pupillages taking place between January – March 2025.
  • Applications received between 1st October – 31st December, will be considered for mini-pupillages taking place between April – June 2025. 
  • Applications received between 1st January – 31st March, will be considered for mini-pupillages taking place between July – September 2025.

Who can apply for mini-pupillage?

We strive to be an equal opportunities Chambers and employer and are committed to attracting diversity amongst our members, pupils, mini-pupils and staff. We seek to promote access to the profession and equal opportunities for those typically underrepresented at the Bar.

Please get in touch to discuss any reasonable adjustments you may require in order to partake in our mini-pupillage.

You can read our full Equality and Diversity policy HERE.

Data Protection and Data Retention

We will retain personal data you send us only for the purpose of assessing your application for mini-pupillage and, if offered a mini-pupillage, administering your mini-pupillage and receiving feedback from you; we retain your diversity data to allow for statistical analysis. Please read the Privacy Notice which explains how we use the personal information that you provide in your application. 

Bridging the Bar

1GC Family Law is proud to support Bridging the Bar and accepts a number of individuals for a mini-pupillage through the Bridging the Bar scheme each year.  Candidates can either receive a mini-pupillage through our own application process or via the Bridging the Bar scheme but may not undertake a second mini-pupillage with us by virtue of using both routes.  Candidates are directed to the Bridging the Bar’s website for further details.

ROK (Reach out 2 Kids)

We offer two mini-pupillages a year to Reach Out 2 Kids. ROK is a London-based charity supporting young people from diverse and low-income backgrounds, helping them to believe in themselves, Achieve despite the odds and succeed in their career goals and aspirations.

The Bar Placement Scheme:

We also work with The Bar Council to provide state-educated sixth form and college students a glimpse into life at the Bar through the opportunity to shadow a barrister at 1GC over the course of four days. To apply or find more information about eligibility, candidates are directed to the Bar Council Website: https://www.barcouncil.org.uk/becoming-a-barrister/school-students/bar-placement-scheme.html

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