Professor Kirsty Horsey of Kent Law School joins chambers as an Academic Associate.

1GC Family Law is very pleased to welcome Professor Kirsty Horsey to chambers as an academic Academic Associate. 

Professor Horsey is a Professor of Law at Kent Law School.  She is a highly regarded expert on the law relating to surrogacy and she has researched and published widely in this field.   

She has a strong track record of engagement in policy work and she has acted as an advisor to non-profit and charitable organisations on legal reform. This includes her important work with the SurrogacyUK Working Group on Surrogacy Law Reform – which led to the publication of two Research Reports on the state of the law governing surrogacy, together with recommendations for reform, in 2015 and 2018 (see publications list). Professor Horsey is also a member of the secretariat for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Surrogacy. 

Her research interests lie primarily in the regulation of surrogacy, other forms of assisted human reproduction and genetic technologies. She is particularly interested in where these areas overlap and intersect with issues in family law, especially the concept of legal parenthood. She also researches within the law of tort, in particular those obligations based on ‘relationship’, assumptions of responsibility and/or imbalances of power.

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