Eleri Jones has been awarded the prestigious IAFL European Chapter Young Lawyers Award 2020

Eleri received the award for her essay addressing the implications for relations between the UK and the EU in family matters as a result of Brexit.  Her essay considers the questions, thoughts and reactions (including fears) of family lawyers across the UK, EU and beyond for families and children as a result of the uncertainty faced by Brexit.  

Eleri considers the development of EU family law provisions, the parallel Hague Convention system and the advantages and disadvantages of the EU scheme compared with the traditional English discretionary based approach.  She explores the changes that would be brought about by the various options for family law in the future and poses questions about how certain tricky aspects might be resolved if not addressed in negotiations.  Eleri looks at the effect of these changes on relations between countries, for family lawyers and their clients amidst the uncertainty, but also notes the positive benefit of organisations such as the IAFL to help bridge the gap and keep up good relations.

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