Annabel Barrons appointed to the National YRes Committee

We are happy to announce that Annabel Barrons has been appointed to the National YRes Committee. The committee had a high number of excellent applications so this is a testament to the strength of Annabel's application and reflects what she will be able to bring to the role. 

The committee ensures that YRes remains at the heart of Resolution's wider work and that junior practitioners are integrated with Resolution at all levels, both regionally and nationally.

Currently their core focuses are as follows:

  • Holding a YRes Chairs forum in October to gather feedback and shape activities for the year ahead.
  • Delivering a second National YRes conference for YRes members from across the country to meet and learn together.
  • Providing wellbeing support for YRes members.
  • Developing training resources for YRes members with the Training & Learning Committee.
  • Engaging a wide variety of YRes members within Resolution, including involvement in committees and working parties on a national and local level.

You can follow updates from National YRes on their Twitter account: @YResNational

Read more about the committe HERE.

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