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Practice Overview

Clients are particularly assisted by and value Rachel’s expertise in both financial remedies and children matters as they can retain her for all aspects of proceedings, following relationship breakdown. She has dealt with numerous, intractable disputes over child arrangements.  She has had particular success in securing equal shared care on behalf of parents seeking full and equal involvement.

Her work in financial remedies has encompassed a broad range of issues, including disputes over company assets, partnership disputes and assets held by third parties.  She has experience of representing clients in medium to higher net value cases at both High and County Court level.

Rachel also has considerable experience in dealing with international and internal relocation disputes, and abduction cases.

She is committed to, and continues to act in the public law arena, namely complex care proceedings as well as Court of Protection work.

Direct Access - She has welcomed and enjoyed the opportunities in recent years to work on a Direct Access basis, and is readily able to establish a good working rapport given her friendly and approachable manner.

  • Children (public law)

    Rachel has experience representing all parties, with extensive local authority and Guardian work as well as parents.  Her cases have involved fatal and very serious injury to children, sexual abuse and factitious illness, frequently at High Court level. She has also dealt with Public Interest Immunity issues.

    Reported cases;

    London Borough of Wandsworth v M, A, C and J [2017] EWCA 2435 (Fam)

    A county council v SB, MS and AA [2011] 1 FLR 651

    Re M v Islington Borough Council [2001] NLJ 1665

    Re N (Contested care Application) [1994] 2 FLR 992

  • Children (private law)

    Very extensive experience with cases where the dispute concerns parental alienation, sustained separation of a child from a parent, and cases involving serious allegations of physical/ sexual abuse allegations.

    A large proportion of her children practice is dealing with relocation applications, both external and internal and abduction cases.

  • Court of Protection

    Financial issues in the COP, as well as welfare issues.

  • Family finance & property

    Schedule 1 CA 1989 applications including applications for settlement of property, income and school fees

    Rachel has covered a broad range of financial remedies, with a broad range of asset value including high value cases in excess of £5m.  She has extensive experience dealing with company and disputed assets typically held by third parties, and has dealt with a large number of cases involving foreign assets.  She has appeared in the Chancery Division in order to deal with property issues, and jurisdiction issues in the High Court.

  • Domestic violence & injunctions

    Wardship and Injunction Proceedings in the High Court.

  • International family law

    External relocation applications.  Abduction to both Hague and non Hague countries which have also involved contempt proceedings, and recovery.

  • Reported Cases

    A County Council v SB, MA and AA [2011] 1 FLR 651

    Re N (Contested Care Application) [1994] 2 FLR 992

    Re M v Islington Borough Council [2001] NLJ 1665