1 Garden Court

Eleanor F Platt QC

Year of Call: 1960
Year of Silk: 1982

Practice Overview

Eleanor has had experience over many years in all aspects of the law, however in the late 1980s she decided to specialise. She was the first Silk to join Alison Ball’s Chambers in 1990, not long after its formation, and became joint head. She was involved in building the set through its expansion and helping it to focus on the development of its independently acknowledged expertise as one of the leading Barristers’ chambers specialising in family law and related matters. She stood down as joint head in 2007 but continues to practice from 1GC|Family Law.

Throughout her career at the Bar and as a Silk, Eleanor has played a significant part in influencing the way in which the family courts approach cases involving children. This was hugely affected by the landmark Cleveland enquiry in which she was instructed on behalf of the Northern Region, the employers of the two doctors concerned. Ultimately this led to the Children Act with its radical reforms of the law relating to children, their families, and the role of the state in families’ lives. Additionally, she was involved in the development of the first statute that was enacted concerning surrogacy and parental orders in relation to a landmark case in which she represented a couple who had to use surrogacy to have their own genetic children.

Eleanor has for many years been a Legal Assessor for the GMC, (MPTS) and the General Dental Council. More recently she has chaired cases for the Pharmaceutical Council.

  • Children (public law)

    Eleanor’s expertise relates particularly to medical issues that arise in such proceedings, including all forms of alleged NAI and FII and neglect.

    She has been instructed on behalf of many Local Authorities, Parents and Children’s Guardians.

  • Children (private law)

    Eleanor has a particular interest in Jewish family law and chairs the Family Law Group of the Board of Deputies of British Jews. She has represented Jewish, Muslim, and Asian clients in divorce proceedings and children’s issues of all kinds and understands the particular concerns in relation to the religious issues in particular.


  • Regulatory law

    Eleanor has for many years been a Legal Asessor for the GMC, (MPTS) and the General Dental Council. More recently she has chaired cases for the Pharmaceutical Council.

  • Notable Cases

    Eleanor has been involved in numerous cases, most notably G v G [1985] 1WLR 647 (HL) and The Cleveland Enquiry.

    Other recent cases include:

     Raani v Charazi [2015] EWFC B202 (24 August 2015)

    In LA v DG and ors [2013] EWHC 734 Fam

    In Re G (Children: Religious Upbringing) [2012] EWCA Civ 1233

    In Re A (Fact Finding Hearing: Judge Meeting with Child) [2012] 2 FLR 369

    In the Matter of M (a minor) [2011] EWCA Civ 317

    In the Matter of K (children) [2009] EWCA Civ 987

    In Re G (a child) (Adoption: Placement outside Jurisdiction) [2008] 1 FLR 1484 and [2008] 1 FLR 1497, [2008] 3WLR 853

    Re P (Adoption: Leave provisions) [2007] 2 FLR 1069, [2007] 1 WLR 2556

    Re W, Re A, Re B (Change of Name) [1999] 2 FLR 930

    R v Cornwall CC ex parte E [1999] 1 FLR 1055

    Re PJ (Adoption: Practice on Appeal) [1998] 2 FLR 252

    Re B (Residence Order: Leave to Appeal) [1998] 1 FLR 520