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Practice Overview

Doushka specialises in cases concerning children. She acts in both public and private law, and cases with an international element. In public law she represents parents, local authorities and guardians. She has particular experience in complex care cases which involve serious injury, sexual abuse and emotional abuse.

  • Children (public law)

    Doushka has extensive experience in dealing with the spectrum of complex issues that arise in public law cases.

    R (Closed Material Procedure - Special Advocates - Funding) [2017] EWHC 1793 (Fam)

    Court ordered the Police to pay the costs of the Special Advocate and Special Advocates’ Support Office (“SASO”) in closed material sessions arising within care proceedings.

    [2017] EWCA 1051 (Civ)

    Court of Appeal upheld the judge’s decision not to make a care order in respect of a child who was in residential care, in circumstances where the judge had made findings that the parents had failed to protect her from sexual abuse.

    As v TH (False Allegations of Abuse) [2016] EWHC 532 (Fam).

    Case involving an application by a mother for findings in respect of a series of allegations made against the father of one of the children. Court found that the allegations were false, and summarised the guidance professionals should follow in such cases.

  • Children (private law)
  • Domestic violence & injunctions
  • International family law