The Private FDR - achieving settlement

David Burles writes about the art of achieving settlement at a Private FDR for Family Law Journal.

Every financial remedy dispute should settle at, or shortly after, an FDR. Certainly, without the need for a final hearing. There are those that suggest that certain types of case are incapable of compromise or are somehow 'un-FDR-able' - but that defies all logic. Think about it - if a case does not settle at FDR, it will proceed inexorably to a final hearing where an outcome will be imposed by a Judge or by an arbitrator. Nobody acting logically would expose themselves to the huge cost, delay and strain of a final hearing in many months' time when they can achieve that same result today and thereby have more money and less stress....

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This article was first publised in the May edition of the Lexis®PSL Family Law Journal. 

About David Burles

David specialises in family-related financial disputes as well as private law issues in respect of children. David was appointed as a DDJ in 2007, is a ticketed financial remedy judge and for many years has sat in the CFC undertaking specialist financial work in the 'complexity' stream. 

David undertakes Private FDRs to enquire please contact the clerking team at

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