Celebrating 35 Years of Excellence at 1GC Family Law (formerly 1 Garden Court)

This year represents a remarkable milestone in 1GC’s history – 35 years of dedication to excellence in family law. This is an anniversary that we share with the Children Act 1989, an Act which paved the way for the concept of a specialist family law set.


Pioneering Specialisation 

In 1989, as the ink dried on the Children Act, a small group of barristers within a mixed-practice Chambers recognised the benefits and potential of forming a set comprised of only family law specialists. With notable foresight, they established 1 Garden Court as the first  set dedicated to family law, attracting experts who shared their vision, including our first Silk in 1990, and laying the foundation for decades of expert legal advice and advocacy.


Legacy of Innovation

From our beginnings in the Dickensian charm of 1 Garden Court (from which we took our original name and where we overlooked the rose beds of Middle Temple) to our modern-day home since 2018 at 10 Lincoln’s Inn Fields and our rebranding to 1GC Family Law, we have continuously embraced innovation and foresight. Our founders' vision to specialise in family law paved the way for groundbreaking legal practice and allowed us to attract outstanding practitioners truly dedicated to this work. Our members have continuously since 1989 been part of some of the most significant family law cases to have shaped the legal landscape.


Championing Diversity and Collaboration

At 1GC Family Law, from day one, we have embraced diversity, fostering an environment where every voice is valued and heard. Joint headship, active committees and a collaborative spirit define our ethos and ambitions.



Evolution and Growth

Over the past 35 years, we have witnessed remarkable growth and change. From our modest beginnings with just a handful of members, we have blossomed into a thriving community of 100 members, all committed to advancing the cause of family law. We are recognised as market leaders in public law, private law, financial remedies, Court of Protection and public inquiries and many of our members bring their expertise to the bench through a variety of part-time judicial appointments. 



Embracing Modernisation

As we commemorate this milestone, we reflect fondly on our journey of modernisation. The transition from our original eponymous premises at 1 Garden Court, later incorporating 2 Garden Court, to our state-of-the-art premises at 10 Lincoln’s Inn Fields symbolises our commitment to embracing the future while honouring our rich heritage and the sense of belonging that we feel to the London Legal community.


Looking Ahead

As we embark on the next chapter of our journey, we do so with gratitude for the past that has shaped us, enthusiasm and pride in the present with optimism for the future and all the changes that it will bring. Together, we will continue to champion justice, advocate for children and families and leave our mark on the legal landscape.


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